MySQL Best Practices and Whitepapers

Download our white papers, reports and guides examining best practices for developing high performance applications on MariaDB and MySQL - a must-read for developers and DBA.

MySQL and MariaDB at Web-Scale: Enabling New Use Cases With MaxScale, an Intelligent Proxy

The design and implementation of server-based applications has benefitted greatly from the evolution and maturation of open source operating systems, databases, and application frameworks. But there remain some significant challenges in ramping these mature, open source technologies to web scale. In particular, popular relational database technologies can struggle to meet web scale demands for availability, consistency, scalability, and development agility.

SkySQL HA Solutions and Roadmap

SkySQL provides MySQL and MariaDB software and services to the market. One of the hot topics for MySQL environments right now is High Availability and SkySQL has long experience with this and has several solutions for different needs.

SkySQL has long experience in High Availability and is developing and supporting several components in the area. This section outlines the High Availability options supported by SkySQL.

Monitoring Galera with MONyog

This white paper introduces the drawbacks of traditional MySQL High Availability set ups and suggests a modern, best-in-class High Availability solution utilising MONyog and Galera.

The basics of Galera and MONyog are explained, and the steps to setting up the combined solution is gone through step-by-step.

MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine

Businesses produce a lot of data. Currently most of the data is in flat file formats. To access this data for the purposes of Business Intelligence requires a lot of effort. This involves expertise of all kinds of data formats, complex ETL processes and database loading.

The main goal of the CONNECT Storage Engine for MariaDB is to ease access to this kind of data. It offers access to various flat file formats, to ODBC data sources and to remote MySQL databases.

This guide illustrates how CONNECT works and the file formats it supports.

MySQL and MariaDB Clustering with Galera

Galera Cluster is a new way to create synchronously replicated clusters that can be also geographically distributed in different data centers.

This guide provide a quick look at the existing clustering technologies and show the advantages of using Galera Cluster.

Guide to BackUp Technologies for MySQL and MariaDB

The Backup is an important and often underestimated step to manage a robust and high available system. There are multiple backup technologies and can be difficult to choose the best backup strategy for your environment.

This guide provides an exhaustive explanation of all the different backup options available for MySQL and MariaDB, trying to guide the reader to find the best fit for his needs.

Minimizing downtime and maximizing elasticity with Galera Cluster for MySQL

This white paper goes through the three driving requirements online services face today when choosing a database clustering solution: 1) The need for continuous operations and greater level of high availability than was traditionally needed, 2) ability to scale-out when service popularity grows - jumps of 20 times overnight increase or more are common, 3) ability to scale-in minimizes infrastructure costs when running on cloud technology.

Costs implications of database downtime, and the inability to scale out when needed are also explained.

What is MariaDB 5.5?

This whitepaper describes several features of MariaDB 5.5 and how they improve upon the features in MySQL 5.5 (the current GA version of MySQL) and the upcoming MySQL 5.6 (the current development version of MySQL).

MariaDB vs MySQL

This whitepaper goes through the similarities and differences of MySQL & and MariaDB databases and makes usage recommendations.

Among the similarities between MariaDB and MySQL are the basics that makes MariaDB 1) easy for an experienced MySQL user to install and start benefting from MariaDB's enhancements, and 2) easy for an inexperienced MySQL user to utilize the many MySQL — and growing number of MariaDB — training and learning resources available both online and off.

A Quick Start Guide to MONyog Enterprise Monitor

MONyog Enterprise Monitor (SSEM) is an efficient and easy to use monitoring tool used by thousands of Database Administrators (DBAs) to analyze their MySQL Databases every day.

This quick guide is aimed at providing users with information on SSEM - specifically its main features - and advice on how it can be used in real life situations.

High Availability Solutions for the MySQL Database

This paper introduces recommendations and some of the solutions used to create an availability or High Availability (HA) environment for the MySQL Server & MariaDB Server. It also raises some questions to help users select the most feasible availability solution for their service, database environment and business critical infrastructure.

A Closer Look at MySQL Cluster An Architectural Overview

MySQLCluster is a separate product from the standard MySQL database, despite their being tightly linked. Due to the distributed nature of MySQL Cluster, it has a far more complicated architecture than a standard MySQL database. This white paper, written by Max Mether, SkySQL's Training Services Manager, will describe the architecture of the MySQL Cluster product and how the process and data flow takes place between the nodes of the cluster. 

Introducing Severalnines ClusterControl: The Virtual DBA Assistant for Clustered Databases

Database developers and administrators have better things to do than piece together builds, follow checklists full of release commands, search the internet for sample configurations, copy files around on servers, and monitor running database processes.