MariaDB & MySQL Support and Subscription Services

Continuous Value Delivery

Open Source Software offers exceptional value through the collaborative efforts of a broad community of contributors. But it also forces extraordinary discipline on Open Source vendors. Unlike proprietary database firms that lock you in and inform you what your price increase will be, at SkySQL, we either deliver value continuously or customers are free to build, test and support their own version of the Software.

We work 24x7x365 to ensure the scalable delivery of your production database systems throughout their lifecycle. Our stewardship of the relational database community provides you with high reliability, scalability and performance with best practices learned from over 500 combined years of MariaDB & MySQL experience.

Our team's deep technical knowledge of MariaDB & MySQL enables them to build a better offering and address technical issues quickly . They can even offer advice on architecture decisions, tools, processes, hardware choices, and more.

Our team includes MariaDB core team developers and members of the original MySQL technical team, with years of experience directly serving the needs of some of the world's largest corporations. Their skills and deep-level knowledge will complement your existing in-house expertise, super-charge your delivery capabilities, and guarantee expert coverage during vacations and sick-time.

Customer Portal

Simple and convenient, our Customer Portal (register for access) allows you to track your subscriptions, download certified binaries, and offers exclusive content and documentation beyond what's available in our Knowledge Base.

Bundled Partner Products

Subscriptions include access to third-party DBA and Developer tools that help resolve query bottlenecks and fine tune MariaDB & MySQL deployments.


Subscribers and ISVs benefit from the certification of our C, Java and ODBC connectors in their environment.

Product Roadmaps and Preview Technologies

Roadmaps for MariaDB Enterprise and other technologies are shared with our subscribers. More importantly, as a customer you can guide the features that you would most like to see through direct interaction with the luminaries of the industry. Early versions of future enterprise features may also be evaluated through our preview technology offerings.

Installation and Upgrades

Support subscriptions include assistance with installation, updates and/or upgrades. Our expert team can analyze your MariaDB & MySQL deployments, assist with installation or upgrades and recommended the best approach. Sometimes it is important to not fix something that isn't broke, knowing what to fix when is key to our superior update program.


We offer two subscription levels to address the needs of organizations around the world that use MariaDB or MySQL - Standard and Advanced.

30 Mins Response

Unlike some vendors that make more money as you have more problems, our goal is 100% uptime. But issues do arise and our Customer Portal links to unlimited technical advice and hot-fixes within just 30 minutes. With SkySQL you can move beyond just break-fix support.

Optional technical services such as Remote DBA, Consulting, Training and Feature Development are also available.

Plans & Pricing