MySQL Support and Subscription Services

24/7 MariaDB & MySQL® Support

The SkySQL support team is available 24x7x365 to keep your production database systems operational and to assist you in improving reliability and performance with best practices learned from over 300 combined years of MariaDB & MySQL® experience.

Our team includes MariaDB core team developers and members of the original MySQL support team, with many years of experience directly serving the needs of some of the world's largest corporations

Experienced MariaDB & MySQL Experts

The SkySQL's technical support team's deep technical knowledge of MariaDB & MySQL enables them to address technical issues fast and optimize your deployments for high performance and rock-solid stability. They can even offer advice on architecture decisions, tools, processes, hardware choices, and more.

Enterprise Tools

Advanced customers have access to leading DBA and Developer tools as part of their subscription helping them resolve query bottlenecks and fine tune their MariaDB & MySQL deployments.

24/7 - We're always here

Report an issue via our customer portal and receive assistance via web, email, and emergency phone support.

Our 'follow the sun' support coverage means that our MariaDB & MySQL support professionals are always accessible.

Installation and Upgrading

SkySQL's support susbscriptions can include assistance with installation and/or upgrades. Our expert team can help you analyze your MariaDB & MySQL deployment, assist with installation or upgrades and recommended the best monitoring tools give you deep visibility into your MariaDB or MySQL installation.

Support Options

We offer two subscription levels to address the needs of organizations around the world that use MariaDB or MySQL - Standard and Advanced.

Plans & Pricing