SkySQL & MariaDB: Solutions Day for the MySQL® Database 2013 - Presentations

If you missed the 2013 SkySQL and MariaDB Solutions Day for MySQL, don't panic! We have all of the presentations here for you.

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Opening Keynote

Patrik Sallner, CEO SkySQL, and Monty Widenius, creator of MySQL and MariaDB and CEO of Monty Program discuss the merger of the two companies, what it means to the MySQL ecosystem, and what the future holds.

Scalable MySQL Operation in the Cloud with Continuent Tungsten

Robert Hodges, CEO Continuent, and Edward Archibald, CTO Continuent, present an in-depth discussion of the challenges of creating stable and scalable MySQL instances in the Cloud. Presented at the 2nd Annual SkySQL Solutions Day, 2013.

Turning the Tables - The Columnar Alternative

Jim Tommaney of Calpont Corporation details the InfiniDB columnar database storage engine, where it best fits, when to use it and describes several use cases. InfiniDB is a pluggable storage engine for MySQL.

Delivering MySQL and MariaDB Performance at Scale with TokuDB

Gerry Navarja, Director of Technical Services, Tokutek, talks about TokuDB and how you can achieve high performance at scale. Gerry deals with the technical aspects such as the compression algorithms, the use of fractal tree indexing to achieve agility, SSD wear factors, and easing the management burden.

MariaDB, Now and the Future - a Panel Discussion

Colin Charles, Chief Evangelist with Monty Program chairs a wide-ranging discussion on MariaDB, where it is now, where it is heading. Panellists are Ivan Zoratti, CTO SkySQL, Rasmus Johansson, COO Monty Program and Sergei Golubchik, MariaDB Developer with Monty Program.

Manipulating JSON with MariaDB and MySQL

Anders Karlsson, SkySQL, talks about using JSON with MariaDB and MySQL. He discusses the mysqljson import/export utility and looks at the JSON support being built into MariaDB 10. Anders finishes up with a few examples.

Deploying MySQL in AWS and OpenStack

Mark Riddoch, Senior Engineering Manager, SkySQL, talks about deploying MySQL in the cloud. Based on the experience gained within SkySQL's engineering team while building the SkySQL Cloud Data Suite, Mark talks about the deployment issues and options and the path SkySQL chose.

A Preview of the SkySQL Data Suite Version 2

Massimo Brignoli, Product Manager at SkySQL talks about the SkySQL Data Suite. The Dream. The Architecture. The Future. SkySQL Data Suite encompasses more than just the MySQL Database, and Massimo covers the tools, services and building blocks of our Data Suite. What you can expect from SkySQL today, and where we are heading.

Closing Questions and Panel

An open forum hosted by SkySQL's Marc Sherwood and featuring the day's speakers, reflecting on the days event and fielding questions from the audience.