Drizzle Day 2012

Start Date: 
Friday, April 13, 2012

Drizzle Day is a day to learn about Drizzle, how to use Drizzle, migrating to Drizzle and contributing to Drizzle. If you’re interested in a database for modern web applications, relational databases being deployed in the cloud, advanced replication techniques (such as crash safe replication, multi-sourced replication and being able to consume the replication stream in your application), AlsoSQL (a HTTP JSON interface to a relational database), testing and performance – then Drizzle day is for you!

The SkySQL & MariaDB: Solutions Day for the MySQL Database, Drizzle Day & Sphinx Search Day are taking place on the same day and at the same location. We're cooperating on these three events: attendees of the Drizzle & Sphinx Search Days will be joining the SkySQL & MariaDB: Solutions Day for the MySQL Database attendees for lunch & for the Biergarten event that closes the day.

We look forward to seeing you in Santa Clara!