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28 3월

Yesterday’s WebScaleSQL announcement marks yet another win for collaboration and openness.

It opens up a treasure chest of database innovations built by the Internet leaders in order to scale their services to hundreds of millions of users. While some code was available earlier, the commitments made now ensure higher levels of quality and greater ease of access. These innovations increase significantly the diversity of contributions in the MySQL and MariaDB community.

28 2월

I have a more technical blog on the way covering one of my favorite new features in MariaDB 10.0, but the question of exactly what "Technical Support" means at SkySQL has come up often enough lately that I thought I would answer it with a blog.

05 2월

Gigaom published today the news of the latest addition to the SkySQL Management Team. I'd like to share a couple of snippets from the news:

“Roger Levy says SkySQL will move into a relational database innovation phase now, rather than just trying to provide an alternative to Oracle’s MySQL.” - that’s how Giagom’s article today summary’s the latest news from SkySQL.

03 2월

FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium was a great community event again this year. The MySQL community booth was maned by Oracle MySQL, Percona, Galera and MariaDB. Thanks Kenny, Liz & co for also organising a fun community dinner on Saturday! The MySQL dev room was packed with participants listening to some very interesting presentations, amongst them MaxScale, which got some considerable interest from the audience.

01 10월

On April 25th, we announced the merger of SkySQL with the MariaDB team. We are now pleased to announce that as of yesterday, September 30th, this merger was closed following approval by the relevant authorities. The teams are now one and we are focused on laying a course for the successful evolution and growth of MariaDB.

11 6월

Join us at the next MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day hosted by SkySQL & MariaDB in Berlin on June 18th

It’s a beautiful day in Berlin today and we’re putting the final touches to next week’s MySQL & Cloud Database Solutions Day, which takes place on Tuesday June 18th in the facilities provided by Bitkom in Berlin Mitte.