SkySQL™ Backup & Recovery Manager

In today’s data driven enterprise, the loss of even a small amount of data can have catastrophic results on business.  Having a proper backup and recovery plan to ensure data availability and integrity is not an option, but a necessity.  Moreover, given that these enterprises often depend on their applications 24x7, they must also have backup and recovery operations that are unobtrusive to users and applications.


Powered by Zmanda’s ZRM® backup and recovery solution, the SkySQL™ Backup & Recovery Manager is the most advanced backup and recovery solution for the MySQL® database.  SkySQL’s solution makes life easier for any database administrator in need of a robust, yet flexible and easy to use backup and recovery manager.


With SkysQL™ Backup & Recovery Manager, you will be able to:

  • Perform flexible backups
  • Provide continuous data protection for you MySQL databases
  • Backup live MySQL databases without affecting users or applications
  • Perform one-click point-in-time recovery
  • Centralize global backup management
  • Perform fast backups of MySQL databases running in Amazon EC2®
  • Maximize data security
  • Monitor backup and recovery functions with automated alerts and reports
  • Rapidly deploy your backup and recovery solution
  • Avoid vendor lock-in

SkySQL™ Backup & Recovery Manager is available as part of the SkySQL™ Enterprise Platinum and Unlimited subscriptions.  The solution is also available as an add-on to SkySQL Enterprise Basic and Silver subscriptions.