MySQL® Cluster Support & Resources

MySQL® Cluster, available under the GPL V2 license, is a shared nothing technology providing highest availability on commodity hardware. It is also referred to as a network database (NDB).

This unique architecture and its advantages come with some complexity and SkySQL provides the services you need to deploy MySQL® Cluster successfully.

Our support engineers and consultants with multi-year experience on MySQL® Cluster can:

  • Help you evaluate whether MySQL® Cluster is the right fit for your requirements
  • Consult you in setting up MySQL® Cluster as well as migrate data and applications from vanilla MySQL Server
  • Deliver 24x7 support to secure your task as DBA in providing a 99.999% available database back-end

In addition, our subscription for MySQL® Cluster includes Severalnines ClusterControl™, developed by our partner Severalnines AB.

ClusterControl enables you to Deploy, Manage, Monitor and Auto-Scale your clustered database platforms, free from the complexity and learning curves associated with database clusters.

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Topology for MySQL Cluster