SkySQL & MariaDB: Solutions Day for the MySQL® Database - Presentations

If you missed the SkySQL and MariaDB Solutions Day for MySQL, don't panic! We have all of the presentations here for you.

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Opening Keynote

SkySQL's Kaj Arnö talks with MySQL AB founders David Axmark and Monty Widenius about MySQL, MariaDB, the Cloud, 250 year old houses and menu-less restaurants.

Why MariaDB?

SkySQL's Kaj Arnö chairs this discussion with Colin Charles, Rasmus Johansson and Sergei Golubchik of Monty Program. They talk about MariaDB, and why it makes sense to move from the MySQL database to MariaDB in your production environment.

Automating Master Failover with MHA for MySQL

Yoshinori Matsunobu of Facebook talks about his MHA (Master High Availability) toolkit for MySQL. By using MHA, when master is down, one of the new slaves will automatically become new master, and other slaves will automatically replicate from the new master. Consistency issues (in case of the master crash, relay log states on slaves might be different each other) will automatically be fixed, and you can install MHA on existing MySQL replication environments without stopping MySQL.

White-Hat Google Hacking

Sheeri K. Cabral from Mozilla Foundation takes you through White-Hat hacking with Google, why, when and how.

Migrating to ScaleDB - From a single instance to a cluster on the cloud

Moshe Shadmon from ScaleDB takes you through migrating to ScaleDB. ScaleDB enables you to cluster MySQL/ MariaDB instances so they operate as a single system. The ScaleDB cluster provides a pool of database nodes and a pool of storage nodes that allow transparent scaling of the database tier and the storage tier tp achieve High Availability. Moshe demonstrates and explains the technology, architecture and the use cases of ScaleDB in the cloud.

The "MySQL DBA in a box": MONyog Tutorial

WebYog's Rohit Nadhani conducts a technical session on how to proactively monitor your MySQL servers using MONyog. Rohit presents MONyog from a practical perspective, demonstrating the various powerful tools of MONyog including 600+ monitors and advisors, Query Analyzer, Error Log Monitor, Lock Monitor, Wayback Machine, Notification and Alerting tools and various other features that make MONyog a "MySQL DBA in a box"!

Complex Multi-Master Solutions made easy with Tungsten

Robert Hodges & Giuseppe Maxia of Continuent present this talk on Tungsten. Tungsten Replicator's architecture makes creating complex topologies, such as multi-master, really easy and allows for outstanding performance using parallel replication and pre-fetching. Users of this technology can deal with their clusters as if they were a single server, thanks to the transparent connectivity that makes the transition from a single server to a cluster a really easy task. For multi-master and multi-site deployments, an automatic fail-over between single hosts and automated fail-over between sites are also at the users' fingertips.

De-Mystifying Columnar Databases

In this discussion, June Tong of InfiniDB discusses how columnar analytic databases are applied for large scale analytics, and how they differ from row oriented databases.

Introduction to Sphinx for MySQL/MariaDB

Andrew Aksyonoff from Sphinx presents an overview of the basics when it comes to the Sphinx Search engine, touching on both the how and where it's best implemented in terms of the application/database (MariaDB) architecture. Andrew discusses the differences between in-database search and Sphinx, how to implement a real-world example and what is coming in the 3.0 version

Using MySQL as a NoSQL datastore - New Features in MySQL Cluster 7.2 GA

The upcoming 7.2 version is a key milestone for MySQL Cluster. With the introduction of Adaptive Query Localization, performance of complex JOIN operations is improved by 20x. Other new exciting features include a Memcached API for MySQL Cluster. In this talk Johan Adersson of Severalnines guides you around the latest features in the upcoming 7.2 version.

MySQL, SkySQL @ Constant Contact

Dan Berry & Heather Sullivan of Constant Contact talk about how SkySQL assisted in architecting their replication strategy