MariaDB Audit Plugin

Auditing regulations are used by many enterprises to ensure they comply with laws and industry standards. Such regulations often require processes for tracking user access to data in databases.

To address this issue in MariaDB, SkySQL has developed the MariaDB Audit Plugin.

Although this new plugin has some unique features only available for MariaDB, it also can be used with MySQL Server using the standard Audit Plugin API.

Please note that the MariaDB Audit Plugin collects user access information, but it isn’t a tool with which the collected information is analyzed. For that purpose the enterprises usually use separate tools such as security information and event management (SIEM) software.

The MariaDB Audit Plugin is a Stable (GA) release since version 1.1.3, which was released 7 Nov 2013.

Release notes: version 1.1.6

Support for MariaDB Audit Plugin is included in SkySQL's Advanced Subscription.

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