MySQL Downloads

MariaDB 10 is an application compatible alternative to the popular MySQL relational database. The MariaDB community has grown exponentially in the recent years as it has become the default relational database in many Linux distributions and has been actively promoted by some of the world's largest global corporations.

MariaDB Enterprise represents the next generation of products from SkySQL. This new subscription product extends MariaDB with add-ons and support services which will help enterprises deploy and manage complex configurations of the database and optimize MariaDB for the most challenging use cases. MariaDB Enterprise gives enterprises the peace of mind to confidently deploy this powerful database server as a foundation for applications demanding enterprise-class availability, scalability, and performance.

MariaDB Enterprise Cluster makes it easy to provision, deploy, monitor, and manage highly available databases. The enterprise support subscription gives you peace of mind with 24x7x365 coverage from the team that built MySQL, and is building the next generation of MariaDB.

MaxScale is an open-source, database-centric proxy that works with MariaDB and MySQL®.

It has a pluggable architecture designed to increase flexibility and aid customisation as well as a lightweight, high-speed networking core designed to facilitate throughput.

MaxScale runs between the client application and the database cluster and currently offers connection and statement-based load balancing.

Auditing regulations are used by many enterprises to ensure they comply with laws and industry standards. Such regulations often require processes for tracking user access to data in databases.

MySQL is the world's most popular SQL database but, in the past, other database solutions had to be selected when there was a requirement to record user access to the server and tables because of auditing regulations.

To address this issue in MySQL, SkySQL has developed the MariaDB Audit Plugin for MySQL. This plugin is currently in beta.

MariaDB Galera Cluster provides synchronous multi-master replication. Using MariaDB Galera Cluster means that your data is safer than traditional master-slave replication because it is replicated immediately as part of the commit, without any delay. Also, in traditional master-slave replication you can do read-only scale-out, but with MariaDB Galera Cluster you can read and write to any node. This makes life easier for application developers, because they don't need to separate read-only transactions and write transactions.

As part of our ongoing efforts to stimulate and support innovation, SkySQL has developed the MariaDB Client Libraries for Java Applications and the MariaDB Client Libraries for C available for download under the LGPL licence.