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SkySQL has customers throughout the world in all major industries. A typical customer may come to SkySQL with as few as 5 database servers to manage or over 2,000. Browse a sampling of our customers below or read one of our success stories to learn how we can help you.


+95% of users recommend SkySQL


SkySQL's expert support for MariaDB and MySQL and their monitoring tools are far better than those from Oracle.

Director of Information Systems -
De Particulier à Particulier

I can understand why so many former MySQL employees are now working for SkySQL!

Highlights For Children

SkySQL provide us with expert support for load balancing using Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) and MySQL High Availability (MHA) at a fair price.

Jetair (TUI Group)

Their humane approach, quality of MariaDB/MySQL and strength of partner eco-system convinced us to go with SkySQL.

Centre France - La Montagne

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